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picksee dust

Libras shall Rule the world

fluffy bunnies & wiener dogs
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I enjoy helping the elderly. Their wisdom...their joy, pain, experience...they hold the truths of eras...eons of time, love, mistakes...my soul beckons for a deeper understanding of them...and life. I don't believe in coincidences nor that if you sit on your ass fate will come to you. if you want something in life go out and get it and stop whining. be tough yet soft too that's a difficult thing to balance correctly... love with all your might cause life is short.
long ago
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go to the woods by yourself
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healthcare. time with my family. walt whitman. movies. hard rock music ....discussing weird shit and controversial topics....chess is fun though my boyfriend reminds me i'm not as smart as i think i am ! anything fun...i love adventure and daring things turn me on...
excitement. love. war. contradiction & debate.
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COLD Stone Sour Led Zepplin Alice In Chains (old stuff) INXS (old stuff) Fleetwood Mac
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Sparticus Blood & Sand.
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too many to list Lord of The Rings American History X The Experiment Almost Famous Dazed and Confused The Patriot Legends of The FAll Interview With a Vampire Two Moon Junction
Favorite Books:
Leaves Of Grass duh.
Favorite Quotes:
....there was never more inception than there is now.... walt whitman

we need an uprising

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